william dunnell photography
I first picked up a camera in 1977, after years of watching my grandmother take photos with her Brownie and my father document our family’s summers. Since then, I have never been far from one and my photos have become the diary of my life.

My images are rarely if ever set up in advance and represent a true moment in time that anyone could have seen. Texture and pattern, color and light, are what speak to me and what I attempt to capture and preserve in my photography.

While I have long shot the natural and man-made world as it occurs at the moment I frame the photograph, I have always had an affinity for finding images within images. In the pursuit of documenting the ordinary, I look for the less immediately familiar view of that which we might see every day, in both the natural environment and in the industrial landscape.

I want the images to conjure a story, transporting the viewer into the moment of the photograph, but to raise questions, the answers to which will remain unique to each viewer.